A Girl’s Best Friend

No, not diamonds, FROG TAPE. Yes, that’s right, Frog Tape. What’s that? You’ve not had the pleasure of knowing this absolute technological and crafting miracle? Allow me to introduce you to the greatest thing since sliced bread (though that phrase is kind of lost on me since all I’ve ever known is actual sliced bread).


Have you ever been frustrated by paint bleeding under the tape you so carefully stuck in place? Well, be frustrated no more. This stuff is incredible. Really. And lest you think this is some sort of product placement stunt, the good folks at Frog Tape have no idea who I am.

How good is this tape you ask? Well, check out my sad front porch before and after.

Before (sad, no?)

And after! As my friend described it, it’s all diamond-y.

All I needed for this project was a tape measure to mark off the outer border, a spare 12 x 12 tile to use as my template for the diamonds (start measuring from the center and work your way out), and some…you guessed it…FROG TAPE.

I laid out the tape for the diamond pattern, painted the lighter gray shade, then went back and taped off the smaller dark gray intersecting points. It sounds like it was quite involved, but the whole project took less than a half a day, and that was only because I needed to let the diamonds dry before I went back to tape off and paint the intersecting points.

Something else you should know…if you plan to paint a porch, make sure you use the grainy additive (available at home improvement stores in the paint department) in order to end up with a non-slip surface.

You could use this same technique on a floor, a wall, the sky’s the limit! So go to the Walmarts, get you some Frog Tape, and get to painting!


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