All Day Cup

I’m blessed to have grown up with one smart mama. Not only did she love, nurture, and care for the three of us, she also made sure to teach us how to run a home efficiently. One of her many tricks of the trade was the “all day cup” to avoid washing approximately eight jillion cups a day (it was HOT in Houston, and we were thirsty. all. the. time.).

In my home during the winter, we stave off the chill with a variety of hot beverages. This produced approximately eight jillion dirty mugs, that is until I finally wised up and went to the “all day mug.” These mugs are rinsed and set on the counter for the next use, so cuteness was high on my list when choosing just the right vessels for each member of the family.


Here’s what I came up with. The mama cup (transferware of Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-Upon-Avon-from a thrift store), my boy’s cup bought here, and my girlie’s cup, also from here. My kids and I share the same initial, so we had to mix it up a bit. And why only 3 cups for a family of 4? Dr. Kyle isn’t much of a hot beverage guy, so he gets to use any mug he wants when the mood strikes.

I know what you are thinking. You can’t sip sweet tea in the summer from a mug. Imagine my delight when I found these beauties…


20130131_123057Buh-BAM! No more guesses as to whom the cup belongs AND mama knows who to bust for not keeping up with their cup. I found them here. A little steep at $34.99, but like many things, it is worth a bit of mama sanity.

How do you try to maintain order (with a dose of style) in your home?



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