Chalkboard Cheater

I love all things chalkboard. If I had a spare wall in my home, I would slather it up with some black faster than you could say “chalkboard.” The cat is out of the bag, though. You know that I have sub-par handwriting, so cool stuff artfully scribbled on a chalkboard just isn’t something I can do on a whim, but that doesn’t stop me. I’ve discovered a way for the scriptorially challenged (pretty sure that isn’t a word, but I like it) to have the same fun style options in their home.

Here’s what you’ll need.

transfer paper, tape, image, pencil

transfer paper, tape, image, pencil

Once you’ve decided what image you’d like to transfer, print it out. Here is a label for my pepper pot that will sit next to his buddy, Salt.

notice the piece of transfer paper behind the image

notice the piece of transfer paper behind the image

I ordered my transfer paper from here, but any art supply store should have it. It comes in a lot of colors, but if you use white you just might get to skip the last step.

Tape your image (with a piece of transfer paper behind it) to your chalkboard. Then use a sharp pencil to trace around and fill in the letters.


Finally, pull off your template and transfer paper and go over what you traced with a chalk marker. For my little pepper pot, I just left the transfer markings and didn’t use a chalk marker. For a bolder, more opaque effect, the chalk marker is the way to go.

Salt n' Pepa

Salt n’ Pepa

For this menu board I used both methods. I only used the chalk marker for the word MENU. The rest is just the transfer paper. It all depends on how opaque you want the chalk to be.


Menu: peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, and goldfish. Because we’re fancy.

This isn’t just limited to words, or even chalkboards for that matter. Want to paint a mural or some script on a wall? Have at it. Want to paint a silhouette on a pillow? Works on fabric, too. Sky’s the limit! What will you do with a roll of transfer paper and your imagination?


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