Jewelry Pinboard


This hangs just opposite my closet.

I don’t know about you, but I need all the help I can get staying organized. And being a visual person, I like seeing all of my choices at a glance. Enter the jewelry pinboard. I’m sure you’ve seen a jillion of these and may even have one in your own home. If not, let me extoll the virtues of this simple device.

First, it allows me to see most all of my accessory options at a glance (there are others lurking in a drawer, but the big stuff gets tacked up here). I’ve found that I wear all of this stuff far more now that I know where it is and can get to it easily.

Second, it keeps necklaces from getting tangled, earrings from losing their mates, and keeps my flowers (my students call them ‘my happy’) from getting squashed.

Like I did, you probably have the stuff for this already. If not, it isn’t hard (or expensive) to procure. I took an old frame from the garage (check out your local goodwill, people. They have lots for cheap) and a piece of foam core board. Cut the foam core to the size of the frame opening, spritz on a little spray adhesive, and smooth out the fabric of your choice on top (I used a scrap of linen I had). Wrap it around the edges and hot glue into place. Staple or carefully hot glue the fabric covered foam core inside the frame. Then tack up all your pretties with large “T” pins (find them in the notions section of any store that sells sewing stuff).

Voila! Pretty and practical. And your happies won’t get squashed.


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