Southern Belle Primer


This book has been special to me for quite some time. As my mom and I were planning my wedding, we spent hours and hours driving all over Houston to meet with bakers, florists, caterers, etc. and decided the best way to avoid road rage (I love Houston, but do not miss the traffic) was to take Marilyn Schwartz along to entertain us. And did she ever. I have wonderful memories of my mom and me riding around reading the primer aloud, dodging traffic, and wiping tears of laughter away at every imaginable intersection of our city.

Marilyn was the society columnist at the Dallas Morning News for years and was a bona fide southern belle. For those of you not from the south, there are rules. Lots and lots of rules. Marilyn took a light-hearted look at those rules to share with the younger generations like me. There are new iterations of this book, but I remain partial to the 1991 edition.

Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite rules.

1. The silver pattern one chooses says a lot about a girl. Marilyn shares the “Silver Pattern Zodiac” so that Rosepoint girls like me know with whom we might get along best…and those we might need to steer clear of.

2. Never NEVER use dark meat in your chicken salad. And if you can’t make your own mayonnaise, Hellmann’s and a twist of lemon juice will do in a pinch.

3. Make sure that the punch served at your wedding reception matches the bridesmaid’s shoes. Duh.

4. Even though Princess Margaret wore white shoes after Labor Day during a visit to the United States, that doesn’t mean you should, too. (her press secretary had to issue a “statement” to clear up that the English have no such rules)

5. You don’t won a deviled egg plate? Well, bless your heart.


2 thoughts on “Southern Belle Primer

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  2. Yes! I have had the same laughs with my mom with this book too. Love it! Love being a southern girl………love living in this era! 🙂 I’m having fun reading your new site, Camille. Blessings to you!

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