Master Bath

MasterBathroom 007

Welcome to the master bath. This was our “final frontier.” Not that there isn’t plenty I still want to do in our home, but this was the last room in the house to get any sort of love at all. I really wish I could find some before pictures. Imagine tannish peach tile complete with matching sink and potty. And carpet. Yes, I said carpet. The thought of it still gives me the heebies.

The master bath isn’t a large space, but it functions far better than it did before the reno. The counter was long and low and had only one sink (our home was built in the 50s before there were TWO people getting ready to go to work each day) and was really hard to share. We also decided to widen the door by several inches. It doesn’t seem like that should make a big difference in the feel of the room, but it did. I’m still shocked by what a difference a few inches made.

MasterBathroom 005

Instead of replacing the tile I chose to clad the walls in bead board. I like the clean simple look and it is an easy and inexpensive way to cover the walls. The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray which just so happens to coordinate with Pottery Barn’s Matine Toile in Porcelain Blue. We used plan inexpensive white subway tile for the shower walls and a little hex tile in carrera marble for the shower floor. Two decisions I was really glad I made in the shower. One, using a medium gray grout. It is so much easier to keep clean. Two, I’m glad I asked for them to build in a custom niche for all the accoutrements that come with showering.

20130208_221944 20130208_221917

For the vanity, I chose to use an antique buffet painted white. I went to my local stoneyard and picked out a nice thick slab of carrera for the top. But because it was from the remnant section, it didn’t break the bank. The sinks are white porcelain drop-ins that I ordered from here. Also, not expensive. The surface mount medicine cabinets were a nice crisp white with just the right chrome hardware. Up they went without a hitch (and with no painting or modification).

MasterBathroom 004

MasterBathroom 003

MasterBathroom 002

Now instead of a dark, dingy bathroom, I have a place that is a treat to enjoy every morning and night. I’m mighty thankful.


8 thoughts on “Master Bath

  1. Hi there. I’m here via Hometalk. The bathroom looks amazing. I especially love that you made the vanity from a piece of furniture….very custom and very chic. Wonderful job. I’m you’re you’ll enjoy your new space for many years to come. Oh, and I’m still confused as to why there was ever even a point in time when contractors even remotely thought it would be ok to put carpet in a bathroom. We had carpet in one of ours and it was the WORST. Thanks so much for sharing!:)

  2. Actually it was built in 1963….. and yes, there really were two people who got ready to go to work everyday! :)) Love this article and the bath looks great!

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