Goodwill Hunting


I love popping me some tags. Particularly when it comes to furniture. And if you’ve got a little imagination and the willingness to paint, there’s no telling what you can come up with. There was a spot in my kitchen that needed some love. We had a small table and chairs in there, but mama needed more storage and more counter space.



I decided that something like this would do the trick:

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 7.23.02 PM


However, I didn’t have that kind of cash lying around. So, I decided to hit the thrifties and see what I could find. That’s when I found this beauty.

Well hello, gorgeous!

Well hello, gorgeous!


That’s right, all 300 pounds of her solid wood, groovy 70s goodness. It was no small feat getting her loaded up and home, but she was certainly worth it. First I popped the plastic drawer pulls off (lovely, huh?) and cut a rectangle of thin plywood to center over each drawer to cover the holes used to open the drawers and to make it look like there were raised panels. A nail gun with short brads made quick work of attaching the plywood.

Before I tipped her upright, I added legs that I bought at Lowe’s in the molding department. I think that adding the legs transformed this piece of furniture from groovy credenza to cottage sideboard. After adding the legs it was time to give her a quick sanding and a lick of black paint.

The last thing I did to try to add a bit of character was to put a new top on her. I cut a piece of 3/4″ MDF slightly larger than the size of the credenza so that there was a bit of overhang. Next I used a router to add a decorative edge (note to self: don’t wear suede flats when kicking up that much sawdust. duh). Finally, new hardware. A few pulls and glass knobs later (knobs from here), and she was ready to go.


Lots of storage and lots of extra counter space. Ahhhh. But I still wasn’t feeling it. The space looked bottom heavy, so I decided I needed more umph on top. I had a plate rack in the garage that I thought would work, but it wasn’t enough on its own, so I was on the hunt again. Thankfully, Goodwill came through again. I found four sets of shelf brackets, painted them black and cut new shelves for them and BAM! My own version of the welsh sideboard at a fraction of the cost. Not only does it fit my space perfectly, it functions really well, too. Actually, better than the sideboard I dreamed of.

IMG_4163Yes, it sometimes takes a LOT of thrifting to find just the right thing, but if you are willing to alter it, it just may be better than what you’d imagined! Do you have any thrifty finds you are especially proud of?


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