Bathroom Vanity

I actually dug up a before picture of our master bath and couldn’t help but share the fabulousness. Note the groovy wallpaper, glittery formica, carpet on the floor, and the extra klassy wooden toilet seat. Jealous?


I knew early on that I wanted two sinks and wanted to raise the height of the vanity, but wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to do it. Then I found her. And at just $195, she was definitely coming home with me.

IMG_0075Everything about her was perfect. Her height, her length, her super awesome legs…but she needed a little love. I also knew that a buffet with doors on either side would be easier to modify than a dresser because there has to be a place for the plumbing for the sinks, so home she came.

IMG_0077Next I had to measure where the sinks would be placed. I marked it off and used a jigsaw to cut the openings for each sink. It was at this point I also made a template (using posterboard taped together and cut to the size of the top of the buffet) to take to the countertop folks so they could cut my marble top. I did have to cut the top drawer down just a little bit to make room for the bowl of each sink, but it wasn’t that involved at all, just a little more jigsawing (that is a word, right?). I also drilled a 1″ hole in the back of the open area under each sink so that I could run a power strip into that space for hairdryers and such (more on that in a later post).

MasterBathroom 008

And here she is with a coat of white paint, a new top, and a little new jewelry (knobs and pulls from here). It’s amazing what a coat of paint and a little love can do.


4 thoughts on “Bathroom Vanity

  1. I love this!! I’m so going to try this in our unfinished upstairs whenever we get around to ir!! No more builder grade cabinets for me lol
    Oh yeah, and I’m pinning this for sure.

    Jenny from

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