Etsy Love

I am a huge Etsy fan. I mean, what’s not to love? Not only do you get to support artisans either making or supplementing a living by doing something they love, there is some really cool stuff out there. So when my mom and dad gave me an Etsy gift card for my birthday I was thrilled! What? You didn’t know they offered gift cards? Yes they do and they are as fun to give as to receive. Is there someone in your life that likes one-of-a-kind finds? BAM! This a fantastic option for gift giving for all occasions.

I had a great time perusing all of my options before I decided I wanted a set of bracelets (big bracelet fan. big.) and was so excited to find these babies.



Thank you,  Sweet Auburn Studio! I sure was delighted when I opened my package and laid eyes on these lovelies. They have lots of fun designs to choose from and even let me put together my own custom threesome from their wide selection. Check ’em out!


P.S. They have no idea who I am or that I’m posting this. Just wanted to share the fun with you!


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