Monday Fun

Happy Monday, all! It’s hard to believe that Monday has rolled around yet again, so it’s time for a little shot of fun to start the week.

Front door happiness.

Front door happiness.

We are a front-door kind of family so I like to make sure there is something there for all of us to enjoy as we go in and out. This is my latest front-door-happy. All it took was a $3 particle board D and some sheet moss from Hobby Lobby. Did you know moss comes in easy to use sheets, y’all? Total fabulousness.

Sheets o' moss.

Sheets o’ moss.

It has a lightweight plastic mesh backing so it is really easy to handle. Not brittle or fragile at all. I just laid the sheet moss-side down, laid my D on top (backwards, of course) and traced it out leaving 1/8″ all the way around to wrap around the edges. I cut it out, hot glued it on and BAM. Front door fun. A little sentimental factoid about the ribbon…it’s a little scrap I had left from a shopping trip in London with my friend Holly. She came over to visit while we were living in Oxford. We hit V.V. Rouleaux on Sloane Square and could hardly contain ourselves being surrounded by all the gorgeous trim and ribbon. A fun store and a really special memory with my dear friend.

I’ve been thinking about other uses for this fabulousness in a sheet. What would YOU use it for?

Happy Monday and have a fantastic week!


My son had build Bilbo Baggins’ home for a project at school. I can’t think of a better use for sheets o’ moss! Well done, my boy!



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