Fearfully. Wonderfully.

I just received a package in the mail this evening and couldn’t wait to share with you what was inside.

20130219_191200I ordered this custom sign from Susie Harris last week and…VOILA…it landed on my porch today! Not only is Susie speedy, it is exactly what I wanted! I gave her the words, and she created this piece of art for me. I have another of hers hanging in my dining room, but more on that later.

Here’s a look at it in place.


See Rufus curled up on the bed admiring it? He has good taste.

When I hung the mirror on the bathroom door, I knew that I needed a little reminder of who the woman staring back at me really is. A wonder. A marvel. Created by God. That’s exactly what the sign says en français. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. A little heavier and lumpier that a few years back, but we are made in His image and that is what I want on my heart as I go out each day and encounter others. Because they are, too. Fearfully and wonderfully made.




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