Paper Love

Easter coming. It’s time to start thinking about table decor. I’m learning to focus on the fun, not all the fluff, but the fluff can be so fun. Especially when it looks great and it didn’t cause you to have a not-so-small breakdown before your guests arrive.

Enter paper. Yes, paper. Check this lovely table runner out. It comes on a 50 foot roll. That’s a lot of table coverage for the dollar, folks.

Gorgeous, no?

Gorgeous, no?

That’s paper, y’all. PAPER. It’s gorgeous AND you get to wad it up and throw it away after the soiree is over. A little china, silver, and a few fresh flowers, and voila! (I know the accent is missing, but can’t find the right combo of buttons to push on my new-fangled computer)

Some friends and I used this runner layered over white tablecloths and burlap at a reception at church we did a few months ago. I found it online from Lucketts. It also comes in black with tan swirlies.

We also used these paper, yes paper placemats. They come in pads of 50 and are a nice heavy weight.


We used them as “chalkboards” by mounting them on foam core board (all it takes is a spritz of spray adhesive) and had a true artiste work her chalk magic.


Not only do these paper goods look great, they can cover a multitude of sins, like all those sweet tea stains on your linen tablecloths.  Happy entertaining, y’all, and think paper, not melt-down!


2 thoughts on “Paper Love

  1. I loved what y’all did for that event. It was absolutely beautiful. I particularly liked the old, wood frame windows you hung from the ceiling – stunning! Where did you find those?

    • Thank you! We had a ball working together and were very pleased that folks seemed to enjoy themselves. We actually rented the frames from a woman here in town, though if you look around there are lots of old window frames at junk shops just waiting to be hung somewhere.

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