Green Monday Fun

Happy Monday, y’all! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a little warm weather. And nothing says spring to me like a vibrant green. Here are a few of my faves at the moment:

green moodboard.001

Here’s a little more info:

1. Green Coral Dyptich from here. Great pop of color with a natural motif.

2. Kayce Hughes green bamboo bangles from here. As Blondie tells me, “You love you a chunky bracelet.” And I do.

3. Green glass carafe from here. Refreshing beverage not included.

4. Ok, they’re not green, but fresh and cool, just like spring. Candlesticks from here.

5. Also not green, but I believe tortoise and leopard are neutrals, so it goes with everything. Plus, spring is sunny. Shades from here.

6. Green baby wedge sandals from here. Imagine with freshly pedi’d pink toes. Ahhhh.

7. Funky pillow from here. I like a little funk now and then.

Have you been longing for spring? What little tweaks have you made in your home or wardrobe to usher it in?


One thought on “Green Monday Fun

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