Have you heard of a Pinstrosity? It is an attempt at something cute, simple, and awesome that you saw on Pinterest…only it is a failure. And mine was of epic proportions. Sort of. I was trying to make one of these:



Essentially it is a giant rectangle of fabric with two slits cut for “armholes.” Easy, right? Chic, for sure. And best of all there isn’t a stitch in the Pinterest version. So why not whip one up before my trip to NYC so I can look all chic strolling down 5th Avenue. Well, it was chic in my head. Take a gander.

pinstrosityMmmmhmmm. A bona fide Pinstrosity. There is a silver lining, though.

girlielookBlondie grabbed a scrap and quickly tied it around my head and assured me that it looked WAY better than my “tunic.” I told her I was going to wear it to dinner, since it looked so awesome. Then she tied it around my mouth and hid my car keys. So, giggling with and threatening to totally embarrass your daughter? There’s a silver lining. Happy Friday night, people!


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