I Visited the Mothership

I just got home from New York and am looking forward to sharing all kinds of fun stuff with you. I’ll try to pace myself so I don’t yammer on and on, but this part of my trip (what I call visiting the mothership) was something I couldn’t wait to show you.

This way…to awesome.


Do I look like I'm about to bust? BECAUSE I AM!

Do I look like I’m about to bust? BECAUSE I AM!

Apparently when I’m geeking out, I accumulate chins. Anyway, what you see above is me just after walking into Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn. Yes, that’s right, Etsy HQ. Dr. Kyle had I got to tag along with our friends and some art students from our university that were visiting to learn more about working in the art world.

Why am I geeking out like a, well, geek? Because Etsy is my crack. I mean, I’ve never actually used crack, but I think this might be the good-girl’s equivalent. I love to shop Etsy. I love to see what is out there. What people all over the world are creating. More than that, I love supporting real people and real art. Handmade, unique art.

I’m not sure what I expected, but whatever that was, the reality far exceeded my expectations. Well, that made sense in my head. But check this out. You’d expect a company like this to be colorful and creative, and oh, is it.

Nutty fun as far as the eye can see.

Nutty fun as far as the eye can see.

Even the ductwork has been andorned.

Yarnbombed ductwork. Awesome.

Yarnbombed ductwork. Awesome.

And check out this lighting:

etsylampWhat? A wall entirely made of wool felt “quilling?” Cool AND dampens sound. Pretty clever.



Well hello, handmade Marie Antoinette-ish darling just hanging out on the wall!


After winding our way through the space, it was time for me to say goodbye to Mr. & Mrs. Grit, “mascots” of Esty Studios. They look like owls, but they are actually “beings” (interpret that how you will) and the colorful stuff coming out of their heads is their consciousness and creativity (my graduate work is in Museum Studies and Art Education, so my nerd is showing).

Mr. & Mrs. Grit

Mr. & Mrs. Grit

To say the least, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. And if I didn’t already love Etsy, what they do, and what they stand for, I’d be a convert for sure. We were all made to create. Maybe it’s felt flowers. Maybe it’s a family, paintings, poetry, it is different for everyone. The point is we need more beauty in this world. Beautiful things to look at, but more importantly ways in which we can express the love and beauty our Creator instilled in us. Whether through Etsy, making treasures with your littles to hang on your fridge, or your local craft fair, support the handmade arts, people. It’s a beautiful thing.



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