West Elm Market and Dabney Lee

Just after I Visited the Mothership, my buddy Lisa and I decided to explore the Dumbo area of Brooklyn (for reals, that’s what it’s called) and stumbled upon a couple of really fun places that I wanted to share with you. First, we visited the West Elm Market. When I think of West Elm, I think modern, sleek lines. The Market was a bit more rustic and filled with GORGEOUS home goods. From clocks and lighting to beautiful home keeping items (a la Restoration Hardware from a few years back). And look at these totes. My achilles heel. Yes, one of those babies came home with me. In fact, Lisa told me I needed a tote for all the totes I’d gathered on our trip.


Look! Cute doggie stuff. You know I love that.


And you can even get a Pain au Chocolat and a cappuccino while you take in all the fabulousness. Note: I have no idea who belonged to that cup of cappuccino. But it begged me to take its photo. So I did. Another note: I tried to be all fancy ordering a Pain au Chocolat. The guy behind the counter looked at me blankly and said, “You mean a chocolate croissant?” Yeah, that. I’m a dork.


Well hello, someone else’s coffee!

After shopping the WE Market and kicking our feet up for a few minutes, we decided to visit the cute little stationery shop across the street called Dabney Lee. Oh, the cuteness! Feast your eyes.


Cute, no? And a bonus…Lisa’s fanny.

Fun stationery and writing utensils, napkins and tapers in springy hues, and pretty personalized jewelry. A little of everything.

dabneywideshotIn the back (behind the table) you can see all sorts of custom stuff she does. It is adorable. Clean and fresh designs that made me want one of everything. Except the birth announcements. And check out the long wall. It may be hard to tell, but those are little zebras running around on the wall. Yes, also her design. She does custom wallpaper, y’all! In custom colors! All you have to to is tell her the size of your room and what color you want and BAM! Cuteness for your walls!

As the UPS guy was leaving we heard him kindly say, “See you next time, Dabney!” Um, what? The uber cute young woman helping us was THE Dabney Lee?


How cute is she?!? And here’s a better shot of the zebras, too.

I highly recommend you to go to her store in Brooklyn, but if you can’t swing that, you can find her and all her darling goods here.

withdabneyThank you, Dabney! We had a great time with you and hope to be back soon!


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