I Post Because I Love

Warning: what you are about to see is not for the faint of heart. It’s me. With a plastic bag on my head. With little bits of my hair sticking out of it. But I post this not to scare, but to show you, my dear readers, the depth of my love for you.

You see, I decided some time back (in high school, to be exact) that I was capable of highlighting my own hair. Yes. It can be done. And you can do it, too. Really. For $6.74. You heard me right. $6.74. All you have to to is take yourself to your local Tar-jay (or the Walmarts) and pick up one of these bad boys.

hairdo1I will say this: I feel confident recommending this to my blonde-ish friends out there. Or, if you were blonde as a kid, this will likely work for you, too. If you are a raven-haired beauty, run away. And don’t look back. If you try this you just may wind up with lovely streaks of pumpkin-colored brassiness. Not a good look. The good folks at Revlon, who make Frost & Glow (and who have no idea who I am), do have formulations for darker hair, but since I am, ahem, blonde, I can’t vouch for how well the formulation works. I can, however, vouch for the method. It is ridiculously easy. Even easier (and more fun) if you recruit a friend to help you out!

First, unload the contents and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Did you hear that, students? Read those instructions from start to finish before diving in, ok? Next, tie that uber chic plastic bag on your head and go to town. Granted, I have very short hair so it isn’t hard to pull mine through the little holes with the provided crochet hook, but I did this when my hair was to my elbows, so I promise, it can be done. Here’s what it will look like once you’ve pulled the amount of hair you want through the cap. Note: if you have short hair like mine, don’t pull hair all the way down to the nape of your neck (avoid pulling through really short hairs). Keep it close to the crown to avoid a reverse-leopard thing. Not pretty.

hairdo2Did I tell you that I love you, readers? Because I do. I am posting pictures of myself with a bag on my head. Did you hear that? A BAG on my head.

Here’s another little tip: sometimes as you pull your hair through, you will get “loops” of hair that didn’t quite make it all the way through the hole. DON’T PANIC. That is easily remedied by gently brushing your bag-headed head. It should pull the rest of your locks all the way through with no problem. I should also mention that before you put the cap on, you’ll want to brush your hair out really well and make sure there are no tangles. Trust me.

Ok, on to the goop. Follow the instructions for mixing the powder and the peroxide. It will be a lovely shade of blue. Then gently apply to your bag-head. Do this gently so that you don’t squish any of the goop through the holes and on to the rest of your hiding tresses. This is how super-awesome you’ll look once the goop is applied.

hairdo3The kit provides a larger plastic bag to cover your bag-head as it processes. The heat it traps helps the whole process, plus you get to put an extra bag on your head. Who wouldn’t love that? Just a little extra awesomeness. Now sit back and relax as you think about how great you look with TWO plastic bags on your head AND about how smart you are for only paying $6.74 for your highlights. The amount of time you’ll need to wait varies based on the original color of your hair. Mine takes 47 minutes (I’ve got this down to a science, folks), but you want your head to look like pale yellow worms are sticking out of the cap. White worms will result in platinum highlights. Process that long at your own risk. I don’t recommend it.

Ok, so your worms are yellow. Now stick your head in your kitchen sink with the cap still on and use your squirty thing to rinse out the goop. Rinse it really well. Then gently pull off the cap and marvel at the yellow strings of spaghetti that are now sticking out of your head. DON’T FREAK OUT. I repeat, DON’T FREAK OUT. It looks really strange at this point, but I promise it all blends together in the end. Trust me.

The kit provides a nice shampoo and conditioner. In fact, the conditioner is so good that sometimes it leaves my hair a little flat, so a little goes a long way. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Then style as usual and BAM!


Highlights! For $6.74. You can do this, people! Trust me!

PS One more note. This post isn’t intended to replace the instructions included in the kit. I just wanted to pass along a few tips to make the whole process a little easier AND to show you that YOU CAN DO THIS! Happy highlighting, friends!






4 thoughts on “I Post Because I Love

  1. And because of your recommendation of this product, I’ve now been doing my own highlights for about 4 years probably. It works like a charm! And I never was blonde! I don’t have DARK hair, but it’s not really any shade of blonde. I opt for only keeping it on my hair for about 10 min. and the highlights are perfect!!!

  2. Camille, was it you or Mandy, or BOTH of you who highlighted your hair at my house IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT in High School!? Your hair looks fabu!

  3. As Ms. Dickson’s counsel (and spouse), I’d like to affirm that the preceding beauty advice is provided free, gratis, at not charge. Your mileage may vary. By reading this comment, you agree to not hold the author of this blog, Camille Dickson Design Industries, or her subsidiaries (husband and children) legally or fiscally responsible for your own fledgling efforts. DIY hair care encompasses certain risks that remain the sole responsibility of the reader. Caveat Lector.

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