Leopard Love

Folks say that the first step is admitting you have a problem. I’m not quite ready to make such an admission because in my eyes I’m not so sure it is a problem. Let me explain, then you make the call. I teach full-time. We finished our Spring Break the week before last, so we are on the downhill side of the school year. My students don’t want to be there. And though I love my job, I barely want to be there myself. What’s a girl to do when we are all finding ourselves in the same metaphorical boat? Find little bits of fun. Little distractions. Even if you are the only one that will notice/appreciate/enjoy them.

Part of the challenge I set for myself is that it couldn’t cost any money. It needed to be creative and free. I also decided that I’d not fulfilled part of my duty as a high-school teacher-creating some sort of eccentricity. I mean, what are those kids possibly going to have to talk about at their 20 year reunion? “Remember that crazy lady that taught French? I can’t for the life of me remember her name or what she taught us, but remember how she -INSERT RANDOM ECCENTRIC BEHAVIOR HERE-?”

I began crapshifting a bit which eventually brought me to my closet. While there I decided to tidy the growing pile of shoes that lay in the middle of the floor. That’s when it hit me. Leopard shoes. I love them. I need them. I have plenty of them, so why not set a personal goal of wearing a pair each day to school. That was easy enough. It wouldn’t cost me a thing and would quietly keep me entertained (yes, folks, sometimes it’s as easy as that). Finally! I had a distraction AND an eccentricity. Perfect!

So here’s how it played out. Monday: Wedge heels (only about 2.5 inches high and quite comfy).


Suede wedge heels by All Black

Tuesday, calf hair.

Calf hair slides by bebe.

Calf hair slides by bebe

Wednesday: pure comfort.

Velvet plimsolls by Boden

Velvet plimsolls by Boden

Thursday: newest addition to the collection.

Calf hair flats with ankle strap by Madewell

Calf hair flats with ankle strap by Madewell

Friday: my tried and true flats.

Calf hair flats by Nicole. And a little furry eye candy.

Calf hair flats by Nicole. And a little furry eye candy.

A week of leopard love. You’ve got to have goals, people. And now I’m one week closer to summer! So what do you think? Is it a problem to have that many pairs of leopard shoes? And more importantly, got any more goofy ideas to keep a poor French teacher entertained for another week? Please, I’m begging you. Help a girl out!

PS I really do love my job and my students. And I’m ready for summer. And don’t tell my principal I wore jeans on Wednesday.






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