ABCs and Fish

So what do ABCs and Fish have in common? They are right across the street from one another, of course! I got to accompany Dr. Kyle to New York and wanted to share a little more about what I saw there. While Dr. Kyle was working away I worked my way down Broadway and got to visit two spectacular places that I hope you’ll get to visit, too.

First up, ABC Carpet and Home at 888 Broadway. Don’t let the name fool you. It sounds like some kind of giant carpet warehouse or something, but it is actually floor after floor of fabulousness. High-end home goods, clothing, jewelry, you name it. Here are just a couple of photos. Like many museums, this place would take me weeks to get through in order to see everything.

Look at these gorgeous woolen baby slippers. So cute and court jester like. Wish they came in mommy sizes!


And the lighting. Ooohhh, the lighting.



Those shades are made of a jillion little tiny beads, y’all.

And look at the red tolix and all that rustic goodness.



This is just a fraction of all I saw there, but you get the idea. Total fabulousness.

Next I crossed the street and went back to my beloved Fishs Eddy. I got to go there a few years ago and still haven’t recovered. I thought visiting the scene of the crime might aid in my recovery, but…


Seriously. I’m recovering all over again. Can you blame a girl?


Again, this is only a fraction. Posting anything more might cause heart palpitations, friends.

By the way, I still haven’t figured out where their nutty name came from and I was too verklempt to ask the staff (who was incredibly kind, BTW). You’ll find Fishs Eddy at 889 Broadway or shop online here, but I’m begging you. Go see the fabulousness for yourself.







2 thoughts on “ABCs and Fish

  1. Jason and I have a tradition of taking each of our children on a trip to NYC the year they turn 10. This summer we will take our baby (sniff, sniff). I’m trying to figure out how I can possibly work these fun places into the agenda. I’m thinking we can squeeze it in somewhere between the Statue of Liberty and the two story McDonalds in times square?

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