Pure Bliss

This past weekend I found myself right in the middle of pure bliss. Blissdom is an annual bloggers’ conference and this year it was held just down the road in Grapevine, so Holly and I decided to pack up and join the fun. Neither of us had attended before, so there were a lot of unknowns. A little scary for this still-wet-behind-the-ears blogger, but so glad I decided to throw caution to the wind and go.

Love my sweet Holly

Love my sweet Holly

It wasn’t long before I saw smiling faces ready to make new friends. First, I got to meet Whitney English, a friend of Holly’s that was an absolute pleasure to be with. Smart, articulate, fun, and an incredible graphic designer. Check out her gorgeous stationery.


I also got to meet Jana from Jana Hunter Interiors. We bonded over the Silver Zodiac. She came all the way from Little Rock and I’m so glad she did. Love her and look forward to staying in touch.

Jana, left. Chrissi, right. Holly, smack in the middle.

Jana, left. Chrissi, right. Holly, smack in the middle.

Oh, and Chrissi from Styled Chaos. What fun she is. And gorgeous to boot. So much fun to be with and has great taste. Check out her first ever reno on her blog. Amazing!

I didn’t get a photo with her, but Megan Jordan from Velveteen Mind had a lot of great stuff to say about multitasking (it’s a total myth, y’all) and focus. AND she was really entertaining. I just wanted to hang out with her and chat.

I also got to do a little shopping at the Handmade Marketplace.



There was a whole lot of goodness in there, including all kinds of fun stuff from Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy. How cute is she?


I tried really hard not to stalk people, but couldn’t help myself after I saw Lisa Leonard. As soon as the Friday morning session ended, I ambushed her to ask her about a dress of hers I saw her wearing on her blog long ago. That dress has been haunting me, so this was my chance. I tried not to geek out, but even though I totally did, she was incredibly gracious. And she told me I smelled good. I think I’m still geeking out.

blisslisaI’ll not lie, entering a gigantic ballroom full of women isn’t the easiest thing for me to do, but ladies like this….



…make it so much easier. Edie from Life in Grace is a pure delight.Always a smile, a kind word, and a hug. And girlfriend brings fudge to breakout sessions. Did you hear that? FUDGE. She didn’t have to buy my love with food, but she could have.

My cheeks are still sore from all the giggling and laughing we did.



Check out my super awesome braid. :/ There were hair stylists there to make us all glamorous, so I plunked myself down in the chair and said, “Do whatever you want.” Bless her heart, I’m sure she was thinking, “With WHAT? You have no hair, woman!” So, maybe not something I’d wear on a regular basis, but it’s good to give up control from time to time. Right? RIGHT????

What a fantastic weekend. Lots of new friends, great information, shopping, AND I got to spend lots of time with my roomie, Holly. What’s not to love?

If you’ve not attended Blissdom, I highly encourage it. You never know what fantastic friends, new and old, just might be waiting to meet you.


7 thoughts on “Pure Bliss

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  2. Heeeey, why don’t I get a cute photo on your cute blog?! 😉

    All I wanted to do was hang out and chat, too. My session was basically me pretending we were all friends and then bossing y’all around. I’m a fun friend that way. Ahem.

    Thank you so much for coming to my session! If you felt entertained AND learned something (or confirmed something) I feel like I’ve won all over the place.

    Now let’s talk about how cute that Edie is! I mean, come on. She’s too much.

  3. I’m so proud of you and love being able to watch closely your walk into new areas. Blissdom was really something to take in! Looking forward to new projects coming your way. I’m behind you saying, “Go! Go! Go! Go!” (picture a fist bump in the air too). Blessings!

    • Oh, sweet Abby. Thank you so much! And how in the world did I not get a photo of us? I can’t tell you how happy I was to see your face walking toward me Friday morning. It took all I had not to run an knock people out of the way! I’m blessed EVERY time I’m around you, dear friend. Every. Single. Time.

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