Hopeful Suspension

The Saturday before Easter is always a strange day for me. Sandwiched right between the sadness of Good Friday and the complete joy of Easter Sunday. As I have been reading this week I’ve been struck by a few things I wanted to share with you.

First, this piece written by Megan Jordan of  Velveteen Mind entitled 40 Days of Indulgent Change. I was at an ugly cry by the end. A good, cleansing, cathartic, ugly cry. Read for yourself and see what you think.

Second, by this piece written by my sweet friend Abby at Painting Truth. Proving once again that Target is holy ground, but not because I score a great clearance deal. Please read, then look around you for “Melodys.” They are all around us, waiting to be loved.

Finally, I can’t stop thinking of the new pope (not Catholic, but I’m a big fan), Francis, and the images of him washing the feet of a young Muslim woman. If you’ve not read about it, check it out here. The image of him kissing her feet is burned into my memory. And though it brings tears every time I think on it, I am delighted that the hands and feet of Christ are in action in our dark world.

So here we sit on Saturday, suspended between sadness and joy. But we are not suspended. Not our actions. There are opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ all around us. I pray, on a pretty regular basis, for Him to gently pry open my tightly shut eyes. I’ll admit, that’s a scary thing for me to to pray (notice I include the word gently), but if I don’t, opportunities to be HIS hands and feet may pass me by.

Happy Saturday, friends. And remember, it’s Saturday, but Sunday’s coming!


3 thoughts on “Hopeful Suspension

  1. Thank you for sharing my Indulgent Change post! I felt like such a sap for crying over the ice cream but I didn’t know any other way to explain it. So complicated. I’m glad some of it came through to you in the story and, again, thank you for sharing it with your readers!

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