April Fish!

It’s April Fool’s Day and of course we celebrated in my classroom. Thanks to state mandated testing this week we had to celebrate a bit early. There was no way I was going to skip THIS holiday! PS My sincere condolences to teachers near and far that may fall victim to all manner of student-led trickery.

So, here’s how it goes down in France. First, you color (or otherwise embellish) and cut out a little paper fish. Then you sneak up on an unsuspecting friend and tape it to their back (think: “kick me” sign). Then you sit back and wait for them to notice. When they finally do, you laugh, point, and scream, “Poisson d’avril!” Good times, people. (PS That means April fish, y’all)

They got me!

They got me!


So you think those Frenchies be cray? Not so fast, my American friends. Remember this?





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