Stuff I Like…’n Stuff

Several weeks ago, just for fun, I put together a moodboard of things I was (and am) liking at the moment. Two of the items on that board are from Kayce Hughes. Since creating that board I’ve found another item of hers that I’m pretty sure I can’t live without. And because each time I pull it out it seems someone comments or asks about it, I wanted to share it with you. Check this out!




If you’re thinking, “That looks like a green envelope,” then you’d be right. But for me, it is now functioning as my wallet. After lugging around a big, heavy wallet, I’ve decided THIS is the way to go. It is just wide enough to accommodate bills and corrals my change nicely. I’ve also tucked my tiny pouch from The Pleated Poppy in there to tame my cards. All of that fits nicely and is feather light. Not only that, but the pop of bright green is easy to find in the depths of any bag I’m carrying at the moment. And it is well priced. Green not your thang? There are other pretty hues (see what I did there?) available, too. And at $26 it doesn’t break the bank. Fabulousness all the way around.

Since I’m pretty sure Kayce won’t be opening a shop in Abilene, Texas any time soon, I’ve started following her blog so I can drink in the fun vicariously. Her last post let us know about an e-publication called Matchbook, in which she is featured. First, it was a lovely spread. Gorgeous. Now I love her even more. Second, Matchbook is a delight to look at. It is visually stunning and has lots of fun things to peruse. Check it out, y’all!

Finally, as I was flipping through this virtual wonder, imagine my surprise when I saw THIS!




None other than the adorable Dabney Lee! A couple of weeks ago a friend and I were wandering Brooklyn and had the good fortune to wander into her shop. Read more about it here. Cute shop? Check. Cute personality? Double check. Mother of uber cute triplets? Triple check! Congratulations, Dabney! Great Stuff!

I don’t know about you, but as the school year winds down (and as we are in the midst of state-mandated testing) I needed a shot of fun and running across Kayce, Dabney, AND Matchbook was a triple shot. Ahhhh. Now I just may make it to May. Happy Tuesday, y’all!


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