That Girl is Crafty!

Both Blondie and My Dude have been helping me work on projects around the house while Dr. Kyle is teaching a class in Germany. While in the midst of working hard, Blondie found a couple of spare canvases and asked if she could work on a little project of her own. I’d love to say that I’m the kind of mama that says, “Sure, baby! You make as big a mess as you’d like because your growth as a creative person expressing yourself through art is far more important that keeping things around here neat and clean.” But I’m not. So, with a little reservation and a strict order to do the project out in the garage with protection underneath, I said, “Ummm, ok.”



First, she hot-glued a rainbow of old crayons to the top edge of the canvas. Then she used stickers to spell out “love” on a diagonal down below. After all of that was in place, she went to town with a hair dryer, melting the crayons into a lovely rainbow.


Finally, she removed the stickers from the canvas. They didn’t resist the melted wax as well as she’d hoped, so she used the tip of a pin to better define the letters that spelled out “love.”


And here she is (with Rufus, bless him) with the finished product. That’s my girl! She’s crafty! More on my crafty Dude to come…


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