Cheap Thrills with Cavallini

I’m sure you’ve seen it. Cavallini paper is everywhere and there is so much you can do with it. This weekend I decided I needed to “fluff” the console in my living room. You know, every once in a while a girl needs to change things up a bit. I decided my new cloche from The Morgan Library was just the thing but it needed a little umph. Enter Cavallini paper. I found a few pieces in my closet and chose this map of France. The first thing I did was cut it into 2 inch strips.

IMG_3648Then I rolled them up tightly (with the print on the outside) and tucked them into a frog I had sitting around.



I left them there for the rest of the afternoon so they would hold the curl. Then I unrolled them and stretched them out just a bit to “fluff” them a bit.



Once they were fluffed, I filled the cloche (which, by the way, is French for bell, y’all). Just a little color inside of the glass to liven things up a bit. And all for less than $4. That’s a lot of fun for just a little money. What do you like to do with your Cavallini paper?


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