Run, Don’t Walk to My Sister’s House

No, not my actual sister’s home just up the road, but the semi-annual consignment sale here in Abilene. Sisters Kate and Summer (those ladies were WAY to busy for me to get a shot of them…next time) kindly invited me to shop at My Sister’s House this evening just as the doors opened. Take a look at just ONE of their super-cute window displays for the clothing/accessories/shoes portion of the sale.

salewindowAfter being completely wowed by the windows, Blondie and I stepped inside to get our shopping on!


Racks and racks of goodness, ladies! What you see behind Blondie is just a fraction of what you’ll have to choose from. Here are just a few of the goodies we came home with.

saledressesLove these dresses for Blondie (and thanks to her sweet friend for helping us model the goods).

salelinenLOVE this linen tunic, which is just one of several things I came home with.

saleshirtsWe also came home with several cute tops for Blondie, all under $8 each! What a steal!

Just down the block there is also an entire space dedicated to all manner of home items. Linens, furniture, accessories, art, you name it!

Congratulations, Summer and Kate, on another fantastic sale. Your talent, creativity, and entrepreneurial talents are boundless. Well done!

To learn more about the sweet ladies that started it all, sale schedules, and locations, click here. I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss this!


3 thoughts on “Run, Don’t Walk to My Sister’s House

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  2. One of my very favorite hobbies…….THRIFT STORE SHOPPING! I look forward to this one two times each year!! I was sad to miss My Sister’s House this season. But not to worry, I hit about 4 thrift stores here. 😉 All this to say….I second your recommendation to shop this sale!!!

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