Abilene Fun, ABI-HAUS Style

As far as the landscape goes, I don’t live in the most beautiful town, but I do love it here. Why? Well, to start, you won’t find a more warm and friendly community. In fact, that is the reason I love it here. Hillary was right, it does take a village. And I do love my village so.

Having said that, we do find ourselves traveling to “the big city” from time to time in order to get a whiff of city life (I am a city girl at heart). Plus, we don’t have an Ikea. Or an Anthropologie. Or a World Market. Are you feeling my pain?

Well, don’t feel too sorry for me because what we don’t lack here in my neck of the woods is great food. In fact, I challenge you to find a better steak elsewhere. Like, really, challenge me. I want to come eat your steaks. Rare. Like, just whiffed past the mesquite flame.

Ok, so we have great food, but what about a feast for the eyes, too? Have I got the spot for you. Welcome to ABI-HAUS.

photo 1ABI-HAUS is located smack downtown in the middle of all the action. Extra fun.

Take a look at Dr. Kyle’s Kobe Beef burger with gorgonzola and home fries. Delicious.

photo 3And here is my Steak-Frites with Brodelaise sauce, onion confit and a little stone fruit ketchup for the frites. Heaven. And a classic French lunch, so you know I love it!

photo 4So, I have your attention now, right? It gets better, folks. The owners of ABI-HAUS have a great appreciation for tastes of all kinds, including good design. In fact, co-owner Ryan Feerer, a graduate of School of Visual Arts in New York and Art and Design faculty at our university, invited gifted artist friends down to our humble city to work their magic. Read more about the folks behind the art here. Incredible stuff. Here they are in action.



Do you recognize the words, “Folks here don’t treat you mean?” Bonus points for out-of-towners that get it!

And the “Specials” board. Quite special, no?

photo 2My photos don’t quite do it justice (go here to see more-I’m begging you-check out the little icons). You have to be here. Sit amongst it. Drink it in, all while enjoying your meal and good conversation. In short, it was designed with all those things in mind, encompassing all the joys of life into one experience and hitting a very special place in my French-American heart. Bon appetit!





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