A Whole Lotta Happy

A couple of weeks ago I shared this post with you, admitting that I’m kind of limping to the finish line at school. I needed a little distraction to amuse myself to get to Friday afternoon, so I made a pact with myself to wear a different pair of leopard shoes each day. I know, I’m easily amused. It’s the little things, people.

So I decided it was time for another distraction and this time I decided on a week of “happy.” What is happy you ask? Why a flower on my lapel (or elsewhere) of course! My students started calling my flowers my “happy” a few years ago and it stuck. So, a week of happy.

Monday I kept it pretty tame. A big cream flower on my shoulder. It did the trick. Smiles all day.

Camille 004

Tuesday, a little necklace I made from some scraps of silk.

Camille 005Wednesday, this lovely from here (I love me some Etsy, and this one was delivered in a super cute handmade bag).

Camille 006The last two are extra cute. And extra special. Here’s Thursday…

Camille 001…and Friday

Camille 002Really cute, right? But that isn’t why they are extra special. I bought both of these leather lovelies at the Handmade Marketplace at Blissdom last month from two young women from LoPa Ethiopian Art and Goods. Each piece is handcrafted by Ethiopian artisans and  proceeds from all sales go right back to Adis Ababa to feed, educate, and care for the vulnerable. Read more about their work here. Beautiful? Yes. Provides smiles? Certainly. Most importantly, I’m reminded of the possibility of hope amidst adversity. Now that makes me happy.


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