T Minus 11 Days…

Oh, people. I’m tired. And I’m all out of extrovert. We have 11 days left in the school year and right now the toughest part of my job is not letting my students know that I’m more ready for the final bell than they are.

Do I dislike my job? No way. Once I get past all the planning, grading, calling mamas, and other assorted minutia, I love teaching. I mean, like, it is fun. Where else can you trick your students into doing a groovy disco dance while teaching them subject pronouns? I know, right?

Not only that, the teachers get sprinkle a bit of fun in between all the serious academic rigor. Take Homecoming spirit week, for example.

This was “Favorite Sport Day.” Hello, pointe shoes that hadn’t encountered my feet since I was eighteen! And yes, ballet is a sport.

coopertutuCheck this out: “Culture Day.” When I finally looked at the picture I’d snapped all I could think was, “Hey, Einstein. Your mustache is upside down.” Klassy, no?

cooperfrenchieAnd my personal favorite (though a little of me died inside when I fully took in how “retro” it all was), 80s day. Please note, my mom didn’t let me wear neon headbands. Or lace gloves. Or legwarmers. Or cut up sweatshirts with glittery letters that spelled out “I’m a Maniac.” A thousand thank yous, mom.

coopermaniacSo is teaching a tough job? You betcha. Does it wear a girl out? And how. Does it also allow a girl to let out her inner dork on a semi-regular basis? No question. Hang in there fellow teachers and all those that drag your children out of bed each and every morning, feed, dress, and deliver them to us each day. Summer’s comin’!


9 thoughts on “T Minus 11 Days…

    • I’m still thanking you, lo these many years later, for helping me to reign in my wardrobe choices. I know there were some disasters, but it could have been so. much. worse. Love you, mama!

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