All She Needs is Love

A couple of weekends ago my mother-in-law was cleaning out her shed and decided that it was time to part with this little swivel stool.

IMG_3768One look and I knew all she needed was a little love. And some spray paint. And a new seat. So I gave her a quick coat of springy green…

IMG_3770…then gathered my supplies while she dried. Since she is so small I only needed a little bit of fabric. I went with Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan in Citrine. I also decided that I wanted to make sure my fanny slid on and off the stool easily. This called for some iron-on vinyl. Never heard of it? You can take any lightweight cotton fabric and magically transform it into an oilcloth of sorts. And, like the name implies, all you do is iron it on. You can find it next to the 1001 types of interfacing every fabric store carries. My only wish is that it came wider than 13″, but it worked well for this project.

IMG_3772I also splurged and got some new polyester foam. I wanted squishy, and squishy I got.

Recovering a seat like this isn’t rocket surgery. Just cut the foam to size and, using a staple gun, stretch and stapled the fabric into place from underneath. Be sure to cut off the excess fabric.


And voila!

IMG_3775She just needed a little love! Do you have a piece that you’ve loved back to life?


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