Alabaster Lamp Love

Smooth, light, luminous, shapely…what’s not to love about the alabaster lamp. And they seem to be very much at home in a variety of milieu. Here are just a few that I’ve been eyeing lately.




Simply gorgeous with all the lovely veining. I can see these lovelies in so many settings.



And this one with a more modern edge. It reminds me of the incomplete Michelangelo sculptures I saw long ago at the Galleria dellAccademia with soft, smooth limbs emerging from a rough hunk of marble. Stunning.



And this vignette by Nate Berkus in a serene neutral arrangement. Lovely.



While perfect in a light, neutral room, they are equally at home in a dark, moodier setting. The contrast shows off their lovely curves.



Soft. Luminous. Simple. Just right.



Stacks and stacks of white with a little alabaster tucked in for good measure? Makes me weak in the knees.

IMG_3674And finally, these beauties. The best part about these is that they were a wedding gift to my grandparents and now, after I did a little rewiring, they have a special home in my dining room. I can’t pass by them without smiling.

Do you have a little alabaster in your life?


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