Make Way for Ducklings

Yesterday as I was tidying up our family room, these little guys smiled at me from their little perch on the shelf, so I just had to take them outside for a little photo shoot and some fresh air.



Like many of you, I like for the things in our home to tell our story, and these little guys do just that.

In the Spring of 2005 our family spent a semester in Oxford, England. While there, My Dude was fortunate enough to start school at Saints Philip and James Primary School. The locals called it Phil and Jim. Here is his first day of school.

My prince's first day of school, Oxford.

My prince’s first day of school, Oxford.

His school was about a 20 minute walk each way. That’s a long way to go on little legs, so we built in time to stop and enjoy all the walk had to offer, including all the little ducks that lived near the Isis (that’s what they call the section of the Thames River that runs through Oxford). They cheerfully greeted us each day, rain or shine. Mostly rain.


Off to Phil and Jim.

School was great fun, but most days it wore a little guy out.

sleepy prince

My sleepy prince, first day of school, Oxford.

Sometimes Blondie got to join us on the walk to school,


but it was mostly just the two of us. I treasure those memories.

Toward the end of our time there I found myself at an open-air market in Salisbury and that’s where I found my little duckling friends. As soon as I saw them, I immediately thought of our walks to school. Mama in front, then my little prince, and sometimes little sister trailing us, looking back to make sure she hadn’t missed anything fun along the way. Perfect.



Thanks for indulging my little waddle down memory lane. What stories do the things in your home tell?




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