It’s Summertime, And…

…they say the livin’ is easy, but I just confounded myself after uttering the phrase, “No, we can’t listen to a song that encourages one to ‘give someone hell.’ Change  the station. And take the dagger out of the dog’s mouth. Oh, and don’t even THINK about throwing those water balloons in the house!” And I may or may not have wet towels and underwear decorating the little iron fence in my front yard. Are ya feelin’ me?

Since it’s still early afternoon here and I can’t convince anyone that it is actually five o’clock somewhere, I decided a little eye-candy from Paris was in order. Need a little, too? I’ve got plenty to share. Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy! And no worries, the dagger is just plastic.

From the bottom of the Tour Eiffel. Just after we descended from the very top, we got to watch it “sparkle” with hundreds of little white lights. So pretty.


And the flowers there. Just reminded me that if I were to ever live there I would need a budget column exclusively for flowers, cut and potted. Just lovely!


Little neighborhood market just behind the Musée D’Orsay.



So many gorgeous peonies. My favorite flower du jour.


And these little beauties look like they are related to cabbage somehow. Love the shades of green and cream.

This pretty little shop near the top of Montmartre near the Sacre Coeur stopped me in my tracks.

flowers2Ok, so this next one isn’t of flowers, but for this lover of all fruits of the sea, equally as lovely.

poissonsI’m pretty sure that dude was saying, “Hello, madame. Come try one of each. On me!” Or maybe not. Just a rough translation.

Ahhhh. I feel much better now. Ready to go tackle the underwear, water balloons, and plastic daggers lurking in my home. Happy Tuesday, friends! And don’t forget to put your feet up from time to time and enjoy little moments of sanity!


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