Paris Flea Market Finds

After enjoying the morning at Giverny the kids decided they wanted to go back to Montmartre on our last afternoon in Paris, this time starting at the bottom near Anvers and working our way up to Sacre Coeur. As I stepped out of the metro station the clouds parted and the angels sang. There it was. Les Puces. That’s French for “flea market,” y’all! Check out what I found!

IMG_3887I love these vintage post cards, complete with beautiful handwriting on the back. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with them yet, but I’m trying to figure out how I can display them so that both sides can be seen. Any ideas?

IMG_3881I bought this pair of sconces from the same vendor as the postcards. They are a little rough around the edges, but I love them and was thrilled that it was a pair.

IMG_3880Next up is this set of eight blue and white plates, each depicting scientific discoverers from history. The blue and white caught my eye, but the scenes and captions make these dishes extra special.

IMG_3886This pretty little box is a favorite of mine. I like to imagine what kinds of treasures it held for its previous owner.

IMG_3876I may or may not be addicted to Call the Midwife. Have you been watching it, too? This leather doctor’s bag with silver fittings looks very much like the one Nurse Lee packs up with all manner of gadgets to take care of her patients.

IMG_3877And finally this little gem. The woman that sold it to me told me it belonged to her grandmother and even had the key to go with it. I’ve been researching the S.M. 2 on the front but haven’t been able to come up with what it might mean. I used it as my carry on coming home. I had the two sconces inside, and let’s just say wires showing up on a bag scan at airport security get people’s attention. The attendant held me back so he could inspect the contents and all seemed to be going well, but as I closed the bag and started to leave, he stopped me. I was afraid the French equivalent of the ATF was going to bust through the doors, but he just wanted to ask me more about the bag. In fact, he offered to buy it from me on the spot. This was all in French, so I wondered if we were not communicating. He then told me he had a collection at home and wanted it. I kindly told him that if I did I wouldn’t have anything to carry my things home. He chuckled, so I guess we were understanding one another. And I was quite relieved that I wasn’t going to end up in an interrogation room with a light in my face.

For many reasons this was a memorable trip and finding this flea market was a highlight. Not just because I found some great stuff, but I loved getting to chat and negotiate (things got a little heated over the doctor’s bag) with the sellers. I can’t think of better souvenirs! BTW, the word souvenir is French for “to remember,” y’all. Makes sense, no?








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