Ditto DIY: Framing Fabric

Happy July, readers. It’s a new month and that means it’s time for another edition of Ditto DIY. I’m linking up with 10 other fabulous bloggers for this month’s challenge, Framing Fabric. My first thought was to cover a cute little pinboard or add a bit of pizzaz to a boring wall by framing some colorful fabric, but then decided to take a completely different route.

A friend of mine just returned from England with a French antique linen night dress, lovingly embroidered with the former owner’s initials. The perfect fabric to frame and hang in a ladies dressing area, don’t you think? In addition to the night dress, here’s what I started with.

IMG_3889One ginormous burlap pinboard I found at TX Maxx…

IMG_3893…and a handfull of T pins, found in the notions section of any fabric store or the Walmarts. And check out the super-cute bracelet I just got from Lisa Leonard Designs, customized with my littles’ names. Love it!

I know, my Museum Studies grad school friends are screaming, “Did you learn nothing in class about handling fragile textiles, woman?” Simmer down, friends, this is a temporary solution until I can find a frame large enough for this beauty. And I won’t use pins, I promise.

So how do you tack up antique garments, being as gentle as possible? First, use the T pins. This alleviates some of the pressure on the point the pin enters the fabric. It kind of distributes the weight of the fabric a bit. Second, I only pierced the fabric (which is quite hefty) on the seams were the garment is reinforced, also alleviating some of the pull on the entry point of the pin.

And here she is…

IMG_3909Whenever I happen upon an antique, I like to ponder where it came from, who owned it, and what life was like where it “lived.”

IMG_3904Who is SB? What was her life like? Did she have maids laying out her clothes for her? What did her room look like? So many fun things to wonder about.

Thanks for stopping by today and make sure you check out all the other great projects that others are linking up. Happy July!


5 thoughts on “Ditto DIY: Framing Fabric

  1. Hi Camille, I am SB!!! I’ve never found antique linens with my initials so seeing this made me sigh a happy sigh. So sweet and simple, you did a great job. And since you’re wondering, yes, my life is quite glamorous 🙂 A stay-at-home-mom, wearing Nike shorts everyday, caring for my peeps, living the dream. While that may sound sarcastic, it is the life I always dreamed of. I hope the other SB was blessed as well. Thank you for sharing!

    • Oh, YOU are the SB I was wondering about! Thanks for confirming and letting me know that your life is just as glamorous (if not more so) than mine. Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie!

  2. Just found you an old French grammar book at Berry Good Buys. Copyright 1901. It was half price…just $.12. There isn’t a name in it, but lots of handwritten notes. Wonder who owned it? Love you!!

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