Malibu: Our Summer Home

What? Two teachers have a summer home in Malibu, California? Let me explain, lest I give the impression that we really have a summer home there. Like most of the travels that we’ve been able to enjoy, it is because Dr. Kyle has been willing to teach in locales of every description. Including Pepperdine University. Since 2007 we have spent the better part of July tucked into a graduate student apartment perched high atop the campus. Let me be clear. They are not luxury accommodations, but when you have ocean views from two of the four bedrooms and from the living room, who cares? Not only that, we are blessed to have dear friends that live there and that we are able to catch up with as if we’ve never been apart. Too many wins to count.

I feel right at home the moment we duck into the tunnel and pop out where the Santa Monica Freeway collides with Pacific Coast Highway and I can smell the salt air. Pure magic. Once we find ourselves at the top of the world, we unload all our junk and I make the annual pilgrimage to Ralph’s to stock up on supplies. One never knows who one may stalk see while perusing the aisles of Ralph’s. PS I’m still kicking myself for not busting into “Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza” when I ran into him at the CVS. Oh, and you haven’t lived until you open your eyes to find The Edge kindly giggling at the lady talking to herself at the Starbucks as she clutches her French Grammar study guide. Good times.

Not only do we get to enjoy all the varied beaches of the ‘Bu (did you know that Malibu is 26 miles long?), but we’ve had the pleasure of bopping up and down the coast from San Diego to San Francisco and everywhere in between.

Point Dume, Malibu

Point Dume, Malibu

Point Dume is one of my favorite spots. We’ve seen everything from Dolphins to mama and baby sea lions here. It’s like the wild kingdom down there!

Blondie at The Tech Museum, San Jose. Do you know the way?

Blondie at The Tech Museum, San Jose. Do you know the way?

My monkeys, San Diego Zoo

My monkeys, San Diego Zoo

Disney....I'm gonna

Disney….I’m gonna barf…land

Rest assured I was a lovely shade of green after getting out of that tea cup.

The Huntington Library, Pasadena

The Huntington Library, Pasadena

Long Beach Aquarium. It is neither long, not a beach. Discuss.

Long Beach Aquarium. It is neither long, nor a beach. Discuss.

And of all the crazy coincidences, three friends of mine that I went to school with from 1st grade all the way to graduation (practically unheard of in the 70s and 80s in Houston) happened to be in the Malibu/Calabasas area all at the same time. What better place for a reunion? I still tear up when I look at this photo. Such great people and such fun to reminisce.

Scarlett, Todd, Bonnie, and me

Scarlett, Todd, Bonnie, and me

And finally my all time fav photo of our time in Malibu. Dr. Kyle snapped this one while we were at El Matador Beach, just up the road from our “home.” It so captures my littles. I’ll cherish this one forever.

El Pescador, Malibu

El Matador, Malibu

Thanks for indulging me. It looks like Blondie and I won’t get to go out west this summer, but am so glad that Dr. Kyle and My Dude will be delighting in the salt air and sand. What special places does your family frequent? Are there sights, sounds, or smells that take you back there in an instant?


4 thoughts on “Malibu: Our Summer Home

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  3. Sounds delightful! Our family favorite (besides going home to Canada) is definitely Colorado – Denver, Colorado Springs, Estes Park, just going to the mountains in general 🙂

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