Photo Shoot:

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of welcoming Sarah of to Abilene and to our home. I’ll admit it, I was quite nervous as this was my first photo shoot, but Sarah couldn’t have been more kind or more fun to be with.

I’ll also admit that by the time she arrived I was completely exhausted. It’s not often that one needs to have every square inch of a home spit spot and sparkly clean. Just to keep it real I did give her a peek into the garage (that will soon be my studio space) to see what she has coined “the room of shame.”  There has to be somewhere for all that crapshifting to go.

IMG_3898Here’s a shot of Sarah doing her thing. I tried really hard not to hover, but I was just so excited to see how all of this works. And you know what?

IMG_3899She was incredibly gracious as I totally geeked out. Her smile says it all.

After she was finished Sarah kindly agreed to help me celebrate getting my house ready to go with a yummy brunch downtown at Abi Haus.

IMG_3901It was a fantastic day start to finish. The article should be ready in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to share the results with you. Thanks, Sarah!

Oh, and just after I closed the door behind her I turned around to see this…


Fabulous. Thank goodness for photoshop.




5 thoughts on “Photo Shoot:

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  3. Because of the “Houzz”, I feel I must reply to this: NIZZE! Very nice, my friend. YOU are awesome, stylish, and lovely in every way- the blue tape picture just adds to my love for you. I couldn’t think of a better houzzehold to feature! 🙂

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