Studio Space: Building a Desk

I’ve been on a tear this weekend. I removed every. last. item from our garage, then painted the walls and put a couple of coats of white epoxy on the floor. I’ll show you more when I’m a bit closer to being finished, but wanted to show you a quick and easy way to build yourself some desk space. Yes, I used the words “quick,” “easy,” and “build” in the same sentence. Really! You can do this, people!

Here’s what I started with:

IMG_3913I took myself to Lowe’s and picked up a really, really long piece of pine butcher block (I wanted some serious desk space). You can find it on the aisle next to the molding and trim. One aisle over you can find lots of table legs to choose from. I got these shapely little numbers. Note: I didn’t actually need the small round metal plates you see in the photo because my legs didn’t have a screw thingy sticking out of the end.

Next I attached a couple of cleats to the wall at the height I wanted the desk to be. Cleat is just a fancy word for “a couple of old pieces of lumber screwed into the wall as a support for your home made desk.” Make sure you attach the cleats using screws (predrill first, folks-trust me) and go straight into the studs to make sure it is nice and secure.

IMG_3916Fancy, no?

Now that your cleats are up, you can set your desktop up using the legs to support it along the front edge (we’ll attach the legs later). Screw through the top of the desk top into the cleats using drywall screws.

Of course you don’t want ugly screw heads sticking up out of the top of your desk, so you’ll need to countersink them. Another fancy word that just means “pre-drill your hole so that the screw goes in deeply enough that it is below the surface of the desktop.” There are drill bits that are made specifically for that purpose, but I’m not fancy enough to have one. I just use a bit just slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw where the treads are and pre-drill the hole. Then I go back with a larger bit the size of the screw head and drill in ever so slightly. See below.


Behold! A counter sunk screw.

IMG_3920Use this method to attach the legs, as well. A little wood filler and a light sanding and you’ll never know they’re there.

I’ve got it all put together, holes filled and sanded, and put a couple of coats of furniture wax on top, but there’s still more to do, so I’ll catch you up once I’m a little closer do finishing. In the mean time, go take a stroll down the lumber aisles at your favorite store and see what you can dream up. You can do it, people!






5 thoughts on “Studio Space: Building a Desk

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  2. I want a MAJOR show and tell of this space when I get home. I love how you have always creatively found the space you need in whatever home you have. I wish the “studio” had been ready for the photo shoot. They would have loved it!

  3. Love the fact that you just do it! I build stuff as’s a great feeling to know your way around Lowes! And to be able to talk the talk with those guys and gals! Looks great…I need badly …but we’d have to build another room for all of the things in our garage…I’m majorly impressed that you could get every last thing moved out..that alone would take me weeks! Good show!

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