Studio Space: Miss Groovy

Two weeks ago I gave you a little peek at the desk I put together for the studio space I’ve been working on. As I began planning what kind of storage and work space I needed, I decided that I really wanted to have a large, flat surface of some sort so that I could really spread out and create. I also challenged myself to use what I had rather than buying new furniture, so after rummaging around all the junk I pulled out of the garage, I decided that my old console table could be just the thing to use.

Here she is just after I brought her home and rehabilitated her. She started her life as a groovy 1970s audio cabinet, complete with turntable, cassette player, and eight-track deck. She also had some orange fuzzy fabric covering the panels that held the speakers. Far out! I ripped all the guts out, covered the fuzzy fabric with wood panels and gave her a coat of red paint.

IMG_3166After a while I tired of the red and gave her a new coat of pale robin’s egg.

IMG_3412Then I got a little crazy with some Rub n’ Buff to give her a little silver glow.

LivingRm002Last month I decided to go with a longer, slimmer console table, so out to the garage Miss Groovy went. In fact, she sat out in the rain for a day or so before I finally realized that she might be the perfect addition to the studio. I pulled her in, gave her (yet another) coat of white paint, and topped her with a piece of MDF I found while cleaning out the garage. It was a perfect fit!

IMG_3922I added two legs to support the far side and to create a space where I can pull up a stool and get busy. She is still a work in progress, as is the whole space, but wanted to give you a little peek at how it is shaping up.

Do you have a Miss Groovy in your home? Tell me about her humble beginnings and her transformation. I’d love to hear about her!


One thought on “Studio Space: Miss Groovy

  1. But whatever happened to “Puffy Couch”? I loved her so. Miss Groovy if fabulous in her new space. Makes me want to learn to sew…almost.

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