Little Baubles

Every once in a while I like to dig through my accessories and churn up the pieces that have sifted to the bottom and pull them back up for air. Bonus? It’s like going shopping, but not spending any money! Here’s what I turned up recently:


Photo source

Glove molds, vintage and from here.

Tiny initial bracelet from here.

Glass bead bracelet, thrifted.

Large wooden ring from here.

Acrylic monogram necklace, gift.

Lisa Leonard Designs custom bracelets from here and here.

Rare bird sunnies from here.

Arc de Triomphe, travel trinket.

Have you churned up any long lost favorites lately?


5 thoughts on “Little Baubles

  1. Those glove molds are a great idea for Cath’s room! That girl has more accessories than I know what to do with.

      • Yep! I need to show you the headband holder that I made her. I got the idea off of Pinterest. I Covered a huge oatmeal container with craft paper. It looks pretty and is the perfect size to hold a LOT of headbands.

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