When in Doubt, Saw It Off

I have been overwhelmed by the number of comments (most of them kind) from the article Sarah wrote about our home on Houzz.com. I’ve been particularly surprised by a couple of things. First, that I admitted in the article that I took a reciprocating saw to the footboard of my sleigh bed (Dr. Kyle was pretty sure I’d lost my mind). Second, that so many of you commented that you just may do the same thing. See below:

Let me start by saying that I’m so glad I did. The master isn’t large, but certainly contains all we need. The footboard, however, seemed to close off the room too much. And it made it hard for Rufus to hop onto the bed easily, bless his heart. So, in the spirit of using what I had, I used my saw to “mow it down.” I was amazed at the amount of space that seemed to appear out of thin (and sawdusty) air.

While I was glad that most of the footboard was gone, I think I may have taken the crazy route by just hacking it off in situ, linens still on and everything. Do you think you might want to “modify” your bed, too? Take my advice. Pull your bed apart, take the footboard to your nearest table saw, and mow it down that way. Trust me, it will be a lot easier than trying it my way (trying to dodge a clothed mattress with a wayward blade is no small feat).

So have you ever modified anything in your home in such a way that if anyone witnessed it they just might have you committed? What have you changed? How did you do it? Were you happy with the results? Please, people, spill it. Please tell me I’m not alone in my fits of “modification.”


3 thoughts on “When in Doubt, Saw It Off

  1. I like this idea Camille! I struggle with regret and “what if’s” though! I don’t have a sleigh bed. I have a King 4 post bed. The post are 6 in round and filled with gorgeous carvings, but the foot posters get in the way! What if we move, and I want them back? Will I regret losing the craftsmanship? UGH! I LOVE the look of your bed…I might just have to take the leap!

    • It is a tough call, Amy. Just a thought….do the posters unscrew near the base? I had a four poster bed as a kid that did. Could be a short term change that would let you live with it to see if you like it…then screw it back on if you don’t!

  2. I cut a round dining table on a pedestal to coffee table height, painted it pale, pale aqua and antiqued it.
    It serves as the coffee table in our great room and the center of interest

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