Ladies in Waiting

Last weekend I happened upon a garage sale just around the corner and found a few treasures I wanted to share with you. First, these two ladies:

IMG_3928The bicycles in the background give them a certain je ne sais quoi, Don’t you thing? And of course Sir Rufus was standing guard to protect their honor. Yes, they need some love, but they cried out to be taken home with me. Who am I to refuse?

IMG_3929I can just imagine this little lady ensconced in velvet (eat your heart out, George Costanza). The channel back and the oh-so-subtle tufting and covered buttons!

IMG_3930And this grande dame. I envision her slipped in linen with a little pleated skirt. Or velvet. I’m a sucker for velvet.

Choosing their new vestments is the least of my problems, though. Where in the world am I going to put them? Our home is already brimming with furniture. Am I the only one that can’t resist the calls of damsels in distress? What’s a girl to do? Just leave them there? Not possible. Especially when together they only set me back $15.

While I was there, I also spied a box of silvery looking things for a couple of dollars. Look what I found inside when I got home!

IMG_3931Some tin, some plate, and some bona fide silver. I nearly passed out! Such interesting shapes and little details hiding under all the tarnish. And just look at the unusual shape of the forks on the bottom left. And the sugar shells just next to them…gorgeous details on the bowl of the spoon! Once they are all cleaned up I’ll give you another peek.

So what am I going to do with all this stuff? I’m not sure yet, but I’ll keep you posted. Have you found any treasures lately? Do tell!






11 thoughts on “Ladies in Waiting

  1. Awesome, Camille! I’m so impressed and a little bit jealous about the furniture. I can’t wait to see what they will look after their transformations!

  2. Oh Camille, I too am a furniture “collector.” Ask Mike about our storage unit. I actually went to a fancy furniture store the other thing and it turned me off. I’m into making an old lady pretty again.

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