Kitchen Design: Window Sill Love

If your kitchen is set up like ours (and zillions of others), then you have a window just above your kitchen sink. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for mine. The morning light that hits my face as I greet the day is better than any cup of joe. Don’t get me wrong, I still have that cuppa, but I do love morning light streaming into my little kitchen. I also love to have a variety of things on the window sill to entertain me as I work, like photos, small vases with the day’s offerings from my rose bushes, and on a really good day, plants. That I seem to have a hard time keeping alive these days (sorry, plantkind).

As I started to plan for new countertops, it dawned on me that the sill just above the sink takes a real beating, especially because all manner of wet things seem to land there. My solution? When I had new quartz counters installed, I had them also make a template for the sill as well.

Kitchen004Behold! A sill that can actually take a licking! Never mind that is faux foliage from Ikea, the point is that I could have real live plants there if I wanted to (and could keep them alive).

Recently a client of mine decided she wanted new granite counters, so I suggested she consider the sill treatment. We were both really pleased with how it turned out and that it will function well for their household.


Now she can set bottles, plants, vases of posies picked by her granddaughters-you name it-without worrying about damage. I’m always delighted when clients love their new space and that it functions well for their specific needs.

Are you planning on new counters? Why not consider a little sill love in your design?



2 thoughts on “Kitchen Design: Window Sill Love

  1. Dude! Why didn’t you publish this 6 weeks ago? Great idea!! Going through my marble remnants tomorrow to see if there are any ‘sillworthy’ pieces 🙂

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