Backyard Chickens: A Confession

We interrupt this series of updates on Round Top to bring you this special report: I have a favorite chicken. There. I said it. And I feel much better. Kind of. You see, we lost Edwina last week to the steely jaws and cat-like reflexes of, well, a neighborhood cat. She was a good chicken and we will miss her, though My Dude did say that he didn’t cry because the new Edwina (we’ve already lost Edwina I and Chaka Kahn I) wasn’t nearly as social and warm as her predecessor. Wshew! Nothing worse than losing a chicken you have a deep-down-to-your-soul connection with.

And that brings me to the reason for this post. I have a favorite. Chaka is such a diva that she doesn’t really care, but don’t tell Peaches or Herb, ok? You may know her as Bella, but Dr. Kyle and I have started calling her Dolly. Why? Take a look.

IMG_4239A) She has a platinum-blonde head sticking out of what looks like an elaborate costume complete with a giant feather boa B) she is quite busty (you thought I was going to lead with that one, didn’t you?) and finally, C) she lives on a chicken ranch (though not in La Grange). As a side bonus her fuffly feet make her look like she is constantly scuffing around in house shoes, thus giving her a bit of an Aretha Franklin air (remember her singing Think in the diner just around the corner from the Curl Up and Dye Salon in Blues Brothers?).

Whether Bella, Dolly, or Aretha, that is a lot of happy from one little chicken. Happy weekend!


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