More Chalkboard Cheating: A Tutorial

Some time back I admitted to you that when it comes to painting or drawing, I come up empty handed every time. My handwriting skills? Sub-par at best. And with all the chalkboard cuteness out there, I wanted to get in on all the action, but, alas, I had to resort to other methods. Remember my Chalkboard Cheater tutorial?

transfer paper, tape, image, pencil

transfer paper, tape, image, pencil


Well, this time I wanted to do the same, but without using transfer paper, which is not quite permanent, but harder to erase than plain old chalk, so I took things into my own hands. Want to try? Here’s what you’ll need.

photo (28)

chalkboard, print out of text or picture you want to “recreate,” chalk, pencil

This is essentially the same method I showed you before, but instead of using transfer paper, you simply rub chalk on the back of your desired picture/text like this (the same way you did crayon rubbings as a kid):

photo (29)It’s hard to see, but there is a thin layer of chalk rubbed all over the back of the paper. Now just flip it over and place the image where you want it to be, and trace around the edges.

photo (30)Precision (thank goodness) not required. Follow the same process with any text you want to add.

photo (32)You’ll wind up with a faint outline of your image and text.

photo (31)Now just color it in, but stay in the lines! I just used a regular old stick of chalk (because I had it on hand) but if you want a more precise line, you could use a chalk marker. Just make sure your chalkboard is seasoned well so that it will erase easily (seasoned is just a fancy word for “rubbing lots of chalk all over it several times and wiping it down to get chalk into all the little crevices,” y’all-a good idea for all chalkboards).

photo (33)Et, voila! If you need to do a little fine-tuning, a damp q-tip works really well. Happy chalking, friends!






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