One Cloche Three Ways

Remember the cloche I bought in NYC? I still love it and have decided it was worth all the trouble of hauling it around the Garment District and lugging it in my carry-on on my way home. Here she is, dressed up three different ways.

First, holding dried artichokes. They look beautiful all piled up under there and they are protected from the copious amounts of dust we get out here in West Texas.

Dining 009

Next, filled with curled strips of a Cavellini map of Paris…lots of fun for only a few dollars.


And finally, holding a couple of pumpkins with a carpet of moss underneath.

photo (26)

Creating the moss carpet is a snap using sheet moss. Just lay it green side down, trace around the circumference of the cloche, cut out, and bam. Instant moss carpet!

I have designs on her for Christmas and will share that with you once I have it completed. What do you have lovingly tucked under your cloche?

(Pop quiz! Remember what the word cloche means?)


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