Tea For Two

While I like the way our living room looked,  it left a bit to be desired as far as  function  went. I wanted a spot where, if there were just two of us visiting, we didn’t have to sit on the couch. We do have a lovely, comfy green velvet couch, but sometimes you want to sit in an actual chair rather than the sofa.


On the other side of the room there was just a single chair. Cute, but not conducive to conversation with someone sitting on the sofa clear across the room. And Rufus had claimed it as his own. In fact, I think he’s taunting me.


Sorry, Rufus. I got the last laugh. I replaced the single chair with a pair of gray velvet wing chairs with a two-level bamboo table in between. I love the coziness it brings to the space and it is the perfect place to sit and chat over a cup of tea.

IMG_4293So drop by anytime, friends. I can’t guarantee a pristine home, but I’d love to put the kettle on and enjoy a visit in this very spot! Oh, and the squished pillow on the right, Rufus has claimed that spot…and got the last laugh.


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