Last Rose of…Fall

This morning is rather chilly, but sunny and beautiful. As I went out to the back yard to check on the chickens, I was struck by a few things…blooms to be precise. 

IMG_4345A recent rain yielded these lovelies. Roses? In November? I’ll take it!

IMG_4349My Geraniums are happy. Which also makes me happy.

IMG_4355Even the Lantana is still going strong. Rufus seems stoic, but he’s pretty happy about it, too.

But the weather folks are predicting a hard freeze tonight, so I’m afraid these blooms’ days are numbered. Everything in their season and all that. Though I’ll miss their color, I’m reminded there is beauty in each season.

IMG_4370These holly berries are just the reminder I needed. With a healthy dose of divine help, I will be joyful in all seasons. 





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