DIY: Medicine Cabinet Overhaul

Hello, my name is Camille, and I’m a stacker. I can’t help it. When things start to accumulate, I start stacking. Sometimes that is ok, but when it comes to a medicine cabinet, it isn’t. To get to all your stuff, you have to unstack everything. It’s like playing cosmetic Jenga. Not as fun as regular Jenga. Take a look at what it used to look like.

photo (47)Pitiful. No? Especially that pile o’ junk on the bottom shelf. I spend way too much time sifting through all of that to find what I need. I had to take action, so I decided a little magnetism was in order. Check it out!

IMG_4342If it is stuck to the back panel, I can’t stack anything. Voila! Here’s how I did it.

First, I went through all my stuff and pulled out only those things that I use on a daily basis. All other “special treatment” items moved to a little basket that lives under the sink. Next I took myself to the hardware store and bought these lovelies.

IMG_4343A pair of tin snips (wohooo!) and a bit of sheet metal. Using my beloved new tool, I cut the metal to the size of the back of the cabinet.

Like buttah.

Like buttah.

Next I did a “dry fit” to make sure that it was just the right size.

Hey, it FITS!

Hey, it FITS!

Once I knew it fit, I sprayed it up with a little chalkboard paint. This was an extra step, but chalk art is way cuter than sheet metal.

IMG_4327Remember my Chalkboard Cheater post? It came in handy yet again!

Transfer paper, I heart you.

Transfer paper, I heart you.

After finishing my faux chalk art skeeeellz, I attached it to the back of the cabinet using my beloved Command Strips.

IMG_4338Here it is with the glass shelves back in place. Now to put everything back in. First, I hot glued magnets to the back of my most used items. Then I everything else went back. That is, those things that I use every day.

IMG_4342And done! Did I have to go to the trouble of painting and chalking the sheet metal? No. But I do love opening a cabinet to find a little unexpected fun ( like in my kitchen cabinets). And who doesn’t need a little extra fun in the morning?

How have you streamlined your mornings? I’d love to know! And check out Savvy Souther Style today for more nifty ideas. Happy organizing!


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