I Lived to Tell the Tale

Heavens to Betsy. I hate that I went MIA from blogland for so long, but it has been quite a week-and-a-half. Just as we were packing ourselves up to go down to H-Town for Thanksmas with the fam, I got slammed with the flu. The good news is that I realized it before I got down there and shared the love with those I love. More good news-Dr. Kyle, My Dude, and Blondie escaped the whole ordeal, which makes a mama sleep better at night. Yes, it was a bummer to miss out on all the fun (I may or may not have been blubbering when I called my mom to tell her), but my sweet people took great care of me. For that and so many other things I am thankful. Always.

I don’t know about you, but this late Thanksgiving thing this year kind of threw me for a bit of a loop. Just as we got the turkey put away, it was time to ramp up for Christmas. I still wasn’t feeling 100%, but my people were, so we turned on our favorite Christmas tunes and got after it. I should say that we are, because of buying and selling a house, keeping the Christmas crazy to a minimum, but we did have a great time getting the tree decked out.

photo (61)Yes, that is garland of several descriptions and four calling birds on Blondie’s head. Why decorate the tree when you can decorate yourself?

And the tunes. I must say I’m not big on the classics, but throw Tom Petty, Bill Nighy, The Kinks, Run DMC, and The Barenaked Ladies into the mix and I’m all in. Everyone was dancing.

photo (62)Like, everyone.

Truthfully Blondie did most of the ornament hanging and that is why you will see all of the ornaments sporting her school pictures squarely in the center of the tree. She’s a smart one.

Is your tree up and decorated? Did you go Christmas crazy, or tastefully minimalistic (that’s what I’m choosing to call it) this year? Tomorrow I’ll share a couple of fun (and easy) decor ideas just in case your tree need a little shot of book page craftiness. And let’s face it, what tree doesn’t? Happy Tuesday, readers. I’m glad to be back among the living!




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